Top Ten Signs You’ve Met The One

I’ve been in love a few times in my life– and had long relationships. (Forrest Gump voice) I do know what love is.

Each love has been different and clearly, a stepping stone to the right person. Guess what? Even the ONE isn’t going to be perfect contrary to popular fairy tale belief. But, the ONE is going to be perfect for you. Like, two puzzle pieces finding each other after being lost in the attic. Romantic, eh?

Here’s what I’ve learned:

1. The other person loves you no matter WHAT. And I honestly say… no matter WHAT. You can have the biggest pimple on your forehead in the morning and they laugh about it and still kiss you.

2. You find yourself wanting to nest…. like clip coupons and talk about vacuums and what to hang on the walls.

3. They talk about a future with you, all the time. They are not afraid of this. They do not break up with you every other week. They know what they want, and what they want is you.

4. They jump into meeting family or friends as fast as you let them. There are no lame ass excuses. Not to say if someone wants to take it slow it’s a bad thing, but it was a bad thing in my experience. I think you should be talking about it within 3 months or so.

5.  They think of you in small and big ways thru the day/week. They run and errand and just pick something up you talked about, etc.

6. They want to do things with you and combine hobbies. They like to make time for you two to be creative or adventurous together.

7. They will always communicate with you, even during the tough times. They may not like it, but they listen and react regardless.

8. They want to be a better person around you and actually do reach for those things. It may take some time, but they want to be the best they can for you.

9. They take care of you even when they are tired or sick.

10. They don’t put you down and want to lift you up and support you.

If you can say that your man/girl does these 10 things, you’ve got a winner and I sincerely ask you to look at any of the issues you are having and question if you can’t fix them and adjust yourself to accommodate your significant other further.

I am with someone I will probably marry— at least that’s the trajectory. And I am always shocked by how generous and loving/supportive he is in comparison to other people. Sometimes that just comes with age, but there’s a HUGE difference. Now I wonder what the heck I was doing wasting all that time before! It does exist, you just need to be really open to it.

Lindsay’s Top Ten Issues

After losing 8 hours of my life watching Lindsay’s reality series on OWN…I couldn’t help but write a little piece about it. What’s that you say? She only had 6 episodes? Yeah, well I fell asleep a few times so it was a total of 8 hours for the entire experience.

First of all I think Lindsay creates energy and she’s gorgeous, so I’m not just some hater spewing brick and mortar for my next ad sense check. But, this will give you some insight into the reality series without having to watch it. You know how it is, it’s always easier to see other people’s problems than it is your own (as my fingers trip on the 3 inch long hangnail I have refused to cut off).

1. Lindsay is lazy. 

She is. I thought I was lazy, but I usually get up around 8am for work, every day. I tend to go to my appointments. This girl never wakes up on time, her team is always “waiting for her” to wake up. Yikes. Sure, we didn’t always know what time it was during filming but she sure as hell isn’t up and running with a coffee and a smile either.  Isn’t this one of the top ten habits of famous + rich people? They actually get out of bed? If I woke up as Lindsay Lohan I’d be pretty happy and throw on a bikini.

2. Lindsay is her own enemy. 

Lindsay is all about trying to get back into the good graces of the entertainment world and prove that she’s OK and worthy to work with. But, she cancelled appointments, was late to set, and treated lower rate publications as just that. She needs to realize everyone who is giving her a shot right now is treated A+.   Don’t accept the job if you think it’s silly.  If you’re doing it just for the money limit those jobs to once per week so it’s not overwhelming.

3. Lindsay is still a ball of emotions

I really don’t blame her for having emotional trauma; just look at her two parents. But, I think this cycle doesn’t matter until she’s FULLY on top of her internal struggle to come to terms with her parents and the shitty things that happened. She thinks she’s over it, but she’s not. It came up several times and she admits that at this point it’s something she can talk about, but she certainly isn’t over it.

Then there are times she just sits smoking and crying….

4. She has trust issues. 

Rightfully so, but she has trouble thinking that someone good, is actually someone good when they walk into her life. A lady named, A.J was helping her meditate and find her calm space. This lady wouldn’t hurt a fly. She brings love, yoga and humus with her where ever she goes. Lindsay seemed peaceful with her. However, AJ accidentally mentions in a conversation that she thought Dina had said Lindsay was having wine the other night…. Lindsay freaked out. Hey, it’s an honest question— and your MOM even said you were. Come on. So, AJ was assed out and no longer a friend I guess. Bye Bye nice person.  Lindsay goes from A to DEFENSIVE in 2 seconds flat.

5. Lindsay’s friends aren’t helping, even though she constantly thinks they are good influences. 

During the series there was some random dude– looked young–hanging out at her house. Who is this guy? What does he bring to the table? She claims he’s a nice friend but honestly he just looked like a kid she found in Central Park who has that 1 hour of lucid conversation before he starts dancing like a drugged out raver in the corner.  Granted, she had a dinner date with some sober friends that seemed halfway normal. That was hopeful.  I don’t think she knows what true friends are…..and what they bring to the table. You don’t have “lingerers” in normal life. Well, no one likes them, that’s for sure. Lindsay is lonely.

6. Lindsay has only enablers around her

Matt, her assistant does whatever she wants. I get it. He’s paid for it. But, come on! Some of it is so ridiculous!!! So all Lindsay has on some days is just Matt running around getting whatever she wants (as Lindsay sleeps in) and that’s it. No one is telling her what to do and she absolutely needs structure.  Problem is, Lindsay has it all figured out!

7. Lindsay has no direction

I don’t think Lindsay knows what type of career she wants. If it’s to be a serious actress she needs to be working 24/7 at getting back with those executives. She didn’t show up to meetings that were set up for her. So what does she want?  I got the distinct feeling that everything “happens” to Lindsay and she’s merely a ship being thrown around in a mean storm. She has more control than she thinks but she has yet to realize that.

8. Lindsay’s in a young party world

Lindsay has already used up all of her chances in the drunk parade. You can only fall down and get a DUI so many times before you’re just not acceptable anymore. Now she can’t even be seen with a drink in her hand without the world reacting. I do feel badly for her because she should have a glass of wine without everyone freaking out. But, she used it all up…

9. Clean up your stuff, clean your life

Lindsay needs a serious feng shui counselor to come in and clean out her life. She’s got way too much crap she’s accumulated. Several episodes have to deal with her endless amount of stuff coming from LA to NY in a new apartment,…and most of it she just didn’t need. Wouldn’t it be nice to start fresh and sell most of it off? Oh, and it cracked me up that they lost the box with her bedding and were asking the movers to UNPACK the truck for the second time (they refused) when they could have just purchased a sheet at Target for 20 bucks. Ugh.

10. Lindsay makes her world chaotic

I know you are famous and feel like if you’re not out at a club no one will remember you in two years… but that’s not true. You can come back rejuvenated. Just take a year off.

Anyway, I really want to see Lindsay rise above and fix it all— it’s not easy watching someone go thru what she is…. I wish I could help her and be around her (but she couldn’t afford me!) haha. j/k. And I don’t have that much patience. Hopefully she’ll come back on OWN with a new revival series.

Frances Ha, Lena Dunham’s Sister


I’m pretty sure Greta Gerwig, who plays Frances in this Noah Baumbach indy film, is cringing at all of these online Lena comparisons. Or, she loves it. From what I’m reading in other interviews, she knew this was an inevitable comparison, however her film does deserve to stand on it’s own, albeit on the same shelf of Generation Y films  & T.V shows.

The whole genre of the single woman in a big city was the main Sex in the City premise, but showing the less glamorous and quirky/nerdy side of things is now all the rage. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these stories because it’s full of the best times of our lives.

In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen Greta before, she was the blonde in Arthur with Russell Brand. “Most mainstream audiences are likely unfamiliar with Gerwig. Other than supporting roles in “No Strings Attached” and “Arthur,” as well as Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love,” she hasn’t had much exposure outside of the indie film world. Whether that changes with “Frances Ha” remains to be seen. Either way, the 29-year-old actress is someone to keep an eye on.”- (moviefone site review) 

Greta’s character reminds me of me in my 20′s; not so sure about myself, meandering on the line of questionable co-dependent relationships and realizing that everyone around me is moving on with their picturesque life. Plus, I didn’t always do much with my hair, but it had so much potential!

Greta is also pretty much a slightly older and thinner version of Lena Dunham in Girls on HBO. There is the usual quirky self depreciating personality as it relates to the hipsters, the artists, the professionals who all seem to know how “life” works…then there’s those like Lena and Greta, and myself. There’s a general post collegiate malaise that we all feel, some longer than others. Exploring a creative craft comes with it’s own set of challenges as well.

The film follows a year or two of Greta’s life as a dancer in NY, making enough money to survive, hoping for more, but realizing it’s not happening unless you step outside of yourself.  You can’t expect anything new if you always do the same thing now, right?

Aside from that it’s about growing up because we can’t always smoke cigarettes, listen to music and pet each other’s heads for the rest of our lives. We have to work, marry nice men and fight about financial affairs. Although, the sweet spot of life is your 20′s when you can really stretch those naps out and enjoy life.

What’s nostalgic about this film is that even though Greta and her best friend part ways due to life circumstances, neither one loses the ability to run back to the other in times of need. It’s a lot like the relationship between Marnie and Hannah on Girls. I have learned how it feels to walk away from relationships that were once so dependent. Now you are no longer their confidante. There are life changes you won’t hear about first anymore. These 20′s friendships were your parental replacements and it’s a tough change to experience when these start to fade and change into a different color of background.

Greta has this uncanny ability to never comb her hair and wear the same flannel every day yet she’s oddly sexy. I did however, want to brush her hair a few times.

I found the film entertaining, cute, sensitive, and strange. Everything I expected it to be based up on the trailer. If you are a fan of this genre, definitely pick it up online one of these weekends. I thought the ending was spectacular by the way, very creative and ties everything in perfectly.  I love when films do that, and actually SURPRISE me with it.

By the way, look at how hot this couple is! Here she is all cleaned up with her boyfriend, Noah, who directed the film.


Sunlight Jr Film Review

Sunlight Jr is an Independent film out starring Naomi Watts, Matt Dillon and Norman Reedus. IMDB has the following summary up:  Financial strain, an unplanned pregnancy and an abusive ex threaten the stability of a poor couple’s (Naomi Watts, Matt Dillon) relationship.

Here are my thoughts on the Sunlight Jr Film:

I’ve always feared monotony in my life. I never want to be bored or too poor to afford variety. I don’t want to work a 14 hour shift in a small store staring at the same things every day, never able to get ahead.  But, that’s what a lot of people are dealing with every day.

And in the middle of the fear, anxiety and lack of funds, the truth is you can find real love and real relationships. In fact, that’s really all that matters. Sunlight Jr. is about finding the ray of sunshine in a pretty grim and cloudy world.

The film doesn’t present a ground breaking new premise, however, it does a great job at painting this little world that exemplifies so much of what life is truly about.

Naomi plays a cashier at Sunlight Jr., a small 7-11 type of store in a run down city. The manager’s a sexist pig, she’s barely making ends meet, and she lives in a seedy hotel with her disabled boyfriend, Matt Dillon.

Despite their relatively poor life Matt’s character tries his best to take care of her by picking flowers and always tells her nice things. Everything he does he’s doing it to “take care of her”, yet he knows deep down he’ll never be the perfect man who can take care of her in a conventional sense.  Things happen that are out of his control and despite his wanting to be perfectly happy, he turns to alcohol when the pressure mounts.

Meanwhile, Naomi’s ex-boyfriend is stalking her, played by Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. He’s abusive, although more well off than Matt’s character, Richie. He wants to get back together with her and hates that she’s now with a disabled guy. It’s almost an embarrassment to him.

What’s great about this story structure is Reedus is good looking, but emotionally crippled. Matt Dillon is just as good looking, but physically crippled. Truth is, everyone has an issue…..these guys just have harshly visible ones.

I’ll be honest with you guys reading this, I was never much of a Matt Dillon fan, but there’s something about his performance in this movie that made me fall completely in love with him. I think it was the most real and authentic performance he’s ever given. The fact that he could pull that off being a disabled guy, reminds me a lot of Gary Sinise’s awesome performance in Forrest Gump. It’s definitely Oscar worthy. Here’s the trailer link:

The plot takes a turn when Naomi, Melissa Winters or “Missy”, gets pregnant by Richie. The reality slowly creeps in as they agree to marry, but are unable to really get ahead in life. In fact, she loses her job as a cashier. It wasn’t really her fault but unfortunate circumstances are always chasing them.

Those who grew up with parents who were alcoholics, like Richie and Missy, often times lack the ability to do anything but repeat a generational cycle. It’s a good day if they can avoid drinking all together and keep a roof over their head. Despite Naomi’s desire to go to college through a possible work fund in a few months, it’s almost as if she knows something will come in the way of it, eventually.

Naomi Watts reminds me of Maria Bello in The Cooler and Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl. They are both able to dig into these raw characters who are living just above complete poverty and they find what’s good in those they are dating, even if society says differently.

I would say the film was really well written by Laurie Collyer. Excellent premise, well written dialogue, etc. However, I would have liked a bit more meat to the plot. I sincerely felt like something was missing that I desperately wanted to see with these characters. When it ended I thought, “If I were Naomi, I’d want to play this character again to find out more about her”….. maybe that just means they need to do a sequel. Her character was more restrained and I think I wanted her to really dig in more and lose her mind. She almost did, but not quite. I think I was waiting for it.

Thumbs up for a painful yet piercing experience of a life that really matters, and true love. Grade: B.


Flood Maps

National Geographic has this interesting beta site out

If all of the ice melted from the polar ice caps, the water levels would rise approx 216 feet.

What does that mean for your area? Check it out on the map by entering your zip code in and checking the map. You can see my area above–it definitely makes sense! Scary.

The Only Bad Thing About “Prisoners”….


Everyone is raving about the new film out called “Prisoners” starring Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal , Maria Bello, Viola Davis, Terrance Howard, Melissa Leo, and Paul Dano— and with good reason. I just saw it on Saturday night and it was awesome.

I’ll tell you the only real problem with the film was the length- about 2.5 hours! It’s what I call an ass-numbing good time! And no…it wasn’t a necessary 3 hours in my opinion. This ain’t no Lord of the Rings!

I’ll explain more..

The film takes you on a journey where two families (who are neighbors) both lose a daughter on Thanksgiving day. The two little girls were out playing between houses and the parents assumed they’d be fine…and they would be… if it weren’t for the creepy Winnebago parked up the street.

Quick question, does Maria Bello ever age? She’s like Diane Lane, they just keep looking better and better. 

Paul Dano is an immediate suspect as he’s caught in the Winnebago near a random gas station. They skip over the fact no one ultimately confirmed it was the same Winnebago but we were lead to believe it was.

Paul plays a mentally slow (low IQ) character but the entire movie keeps you guessing as to who he really is (which was brilliant!). I went back and forth on this guy 10 times at least. God, Paul Dano is so creepy I wonder if he has a “soft voice” in real life! His ability to even remain silent is creepy!

Meanwhile there are other issues and suspects, and the families get involved in things they shouldn’t either, whether emotionally justified or not. Actually, the film is really asking the audience “how far would you go?”

The script builds up momentum and delivers towards the end. You’d think that you’ve seen a story like this before where a kidnapping takes place, but the writer does a great job of really adding in things you’ve never seen before. The kidnapping is merely a catalyst to spawn some of the best acting these actors have done.

My main concern was the fact they really hung onto the Paul Dano captive scenes for a VERY long time. I feel like we only needed maybe 2-3 scenes instead of at least 30 minutes of the film devoted to this process. I understand it was an important piece of the film for sure, but it was much too long.

The icing on the cake was the cinematography; it’s almost it’s own character breathing right along with you.

Bravo, nice to see my favorite genre, THRILLER getting so much Oscar buzz. But next time, test the audience on the drawn out ending! We already knew it was over and had to sit through another 30 minutes of it actually ending! I bet those who knew this was an issue (but couldn’t change it) are rolling their eyes right now!

here’s a good link



My Top Ten Favorite Films


1. Forrest Gump

2. Phenomenon

3. Deja Vu

4. Kingdom of Heaven

5. Fight Club

6. Sixth Sense

7. Back to the Future

8. Glory

9. Misery

10. Return of the Jedi

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