Twelve Facts About Demons From Ralph Sarchie

Who you gonna call? In this case, it is Ralph Sarchie. Got a ghost climbing up your walls? Call Ralph. Got a demon howling at your kids? Call Ralph.

He’s not a medium, or an Exorcist, but he’s a Demonologist and he’s got stories people. His book, “Beware The Night” is a great scary read for those who want to check it out. Now there’s also a movie out called “Deliver Us From Evil” starring Eric Bana as Ralph.

Not everyone is possessed. And, not everyone needs an exorcism. But, more people need it than you think. Sometimes I think I may need an exorcism during that time of the month + hot weather.

Ralph’s book is full of interesting “aha” moments for me so I wanted to share them.

1.  Most demonic possessions take place in the shadow of a church or religious space. Even nearby a cemetery… (goes without saying). This is totally my opinion but I also think demonic posessions gravitate towards drug dens and really smelly  gas station bathrooms!!

2. A demonic possession has 4 major stages: manifestation, infestation, oppression and possession. (many people name these differently, but these are the basics).  When investigating a demonic scenario, you want to identify which stage you are dealing with. Pretty much any stage is bad, but if you haven’t hit “posession” there may still be a chance!

3. When exorcising a demon from a person, it will usually exit the way it came in based upon the stages mentioned above. For example, if this whole thing came upon your household in a blink of an eye, it will probably leave quickly.

4. There are people who are possessed for YEARS. They can act normal for most of it, but only their family knows the horrible episodes they will have. No, this is not the reason why your Uncle Barry screams at the kids each holiday… that’s called “bipolar” or “mentally unstable”.

5. The reason an exorcist needs the demon to tell him it’s name is because he wants to separate the identity from the person it’s possessing. In addition, the priest/bishop can find out who they are dealing with upon hearing the name. Apparantly there are some common offenders.

6. Some demons can possess multiple people at the same time, even across far distances.  Thus proving once again the age old fear that closing the closet door does not keep the bad guys out!

7. In heaven there are apparantly levels of angelic helpers: arch Angels, Seraphim– (general levels of power). There are also levels of demons in hell. You can tell if its a low level or high level demon based upon the activity in your house or around you. High level demons can really move things around and are not stopped by religious relics or holy water.

8. We have a high number of Exorcisms needed these days (it has multiplied over the past few years) but we have not multiplied our Exorcists. The catholic church is not recognizing the growing issue here.  Smells like a new job market for college grads!!

9. In many exorcism sessions the exorcist will ask the demon how/why he entered the body. In most cases they entered because the victim was involved with something they shouldn’t. Ouija boards are often mentioned.

10. If you are exorcising a demon and thinking about a loved one at the same time, it is possible that the demonic presence will then connect to that loved one after leaving the possessed body. I guess this can come in handy at times…

11. A demonic presence can move things and attack you. A human ghost spirit usually cannot do this unless they are HIGHLY evolved and have been around a long time.  Also a demon will tend to do things in 3′s. They knock three times, things happen at your house (things move or you are touched) around 3am, etc.

12. A demonic presence will usually deceive those they want to possess by posing as a nice ghost for a while. They will even prey upon your needs. You can tell it’s not really a human ghost because normally they don’t show a full human form (example, legs are missing and just a black mist).



Amanda Knox – Waiting to be Renewed

At 20 years old, Amanda Knox bravely told her parents she was ready to move overseas to study Italian. She had saved money, figured out the logistics and was ready to embark on a new chapter in her life. What happened next is very similar to the popular film, Brokedown Palace starring Claire Danes.

Most of you know the story, and if you don’t, you can simply look it up on Wikipedia.  I wasn’t sure if I would believe Amanda’s side of the story and if the facts would appropriately weave into the other legal information out there.

After reading the book I can tell you that…They do. Her story is without holes in my opinion.

The book doesn’t just blame people and whine about the scenario. She tells you the story from A to Z so you can follow how this all unfolded piece by piece. She admits her mistakes and the issues that the paparazzi spun out of control.

The beautiful American girl who was experimenting with sex somehow goes from goodie girl at college to theoretical murder/rapist/lesbian in a fit of marijuana induced rage.

She made her own mistakes. Big time. She should have realized they labeled her as a suspect earlier on. She shouldn’t have been so naive. She should have known Perugia wasn’t all the brochure made it out to be.  I also still cannot figure out why she proclaimed her old boss Patrick was the murderer when he really wasn’t even someone they all had hung out with…..ever.

What I want to comment on after reading her book is how life can sometimes throw “good” people into the Lion’s den in order to draw attention to something that needs change. My personal belief is that Amanda was the catalyst for the entire world to pay attention to a small town named Perugia. In a global scheme, I think there will be more policies that all countries abide by in these scenarios — as to avoid the lengthy and hypocritical war of legal battles across countries.

When people talk about this case and have not read her side of it in this book, I get a little jaded and annoyed. Read it and see for yourself and don’t just take the tabloids or Fox News as the Bible. Conversely, I am also not taking this book as the Bible either, however you will probably feel very similar to me after reading it.


Very Honest “3 Days To Kill” Review

“Robin Hood, Prince of My Pubescent Heart”, was an epic film for me. Girls hitting 14, right around the release of this film in 1991, can all relate. There was something about Kevin Costner….I mean….. come on… look at this photo below.  We don’t care about the receding hairline.  Well, I don’t.

Kevin took a bit of a break since his epic list of 90′s films. However, he is peeking his head out of his multi-million dollar grotto to become a serial killer in “Mr. Brooks” and had a bit role as Clark Kent’s earthly father in “Man of Steel”.

Most recently he’s in “3 Days to Kill” which is surprising because those roles usually go to Jason Statham and Matt Damon. Kevin Costner is pretty much where it’s at .  I mean, Liam Neeson is already TAKEN. Right? bada bing. Little irony is the screenwriter Luc wrote “Taken” as well.

Kevin stars in the gun-toting International city thriller alongside Amber Heard, Hailee Steinfeld, Connie Neilsen and a bunch of other people you’ve never heard of that play “bad guys”.  Kevin probably got the script, saw that Amber was attached and said, “SIGN ME UP GUYS!!!”. Then, he did a jig out by his pool.

Here’s the synopsis: A dying CIA agent trying to reconnect with his estranged daughter is offered an experimental drug that could save his life in exchange for one last assignment.”  From the script perspective, I think this was very polished and made sense to produce because it had all of the key “Hollywood” elements with just enough of a difference in the log line to make it worthy of a few million bucks. It followed the beat and delivered upon some innovation.

From a perspective of someone looking for a film that’s elevating the craft, this film does not deliver. Here are my reasons for coming to that conclusion:

1. You already know the ENTIRE plot, down to even the dialogue they would use for it, within the first 20 minutes of the movie.

2. While the acting saved me from turning it off (especially from Hailee Steinfeld), I was sorely disappointed with Amber Heard’s character. She seemed fruitless and just a pretty face that the CIA seemed to have an exuberant amount of faith in for no reason at all.

3. While I understand the use of the cancer and drugs to hasten the story and give tension, it was too predictable and over cooked.


4. There was a point where you finally get a glimpse of the main bad guy and I really think they could have done more with that. They could show the audience a connection between people earlier on. It’s a script choice, I just think it would have made me more interested mid-way thru to develop that plot more.

5. While there was ingenuity in the way he kills the bad guys, there is a lack of innovation in the actual plot and why they are even after them in the first place.

Anyway, this was just my opinion fueled review. I never look at other reviews until I’m done writing my own. My Grade is a C- for this film. RENTABLE.

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the film is taking a dive— 33%.. Here are some gems:

 ..”tries to string together some stylish action sequences but can’t balance them with the muddled domestic drama.” ..

Five seconds: That’s the maximum length of any uninterrupted shot in McG’s action thriller 3 Days to Kill. Call it film making for the Adderall Generation.”..

Director McG teams up with a grizzled Kevin Costner and a story by French populist Luc Besson for a terrific collision of action, family drama and nutty humour.” Stay tuned for more~!

Lindsay’s Top Ten Issues

After losing 8 hours of my life watching Lindsay’s reality series on OWN…I couldn’t help but write a little piece about what I’ve learned.

First of all I think Lindsay has staying power, despite her every attempt to banish it. Mostly this is because she’s gorgeous. And she has a husky voice. And she has boobs. And she is talented. And even if she tried to hide in a hole, her parents would somehow revive what has become an epic long 15  minutes of fame.

1. Lindsay is lazy. Lazy. 

I thought I was lazy, but I usually get up around 8am for work and do something like brush my teeth and pet my cat. This girl never wakes up on time, her team is always “waiting for her.”  Yikes.  Isn’t there something about waking up and “taking on the day” that leads to success?

2. Lindsay is her own worst enemy. 

Lindsay is all about trying to get back into the good graces of the entertainment world and prove that she’s OK and worthy to work with. But, she cancelled appointments, was late to set, and treated lower rate publications as just that.  I mean if you don’t want to model for the  “Emo & Hipster Fashion Mag of Hong Kong” then don’t book the appointment.

3. Lindsay is still a ball of emotions, as Will Ferrell would say. 

I really don’t blame her for having emotional trauma; just look at her two parents. But, I think this cycle doesn’t matter until she’s FULLY on top of her internal struggle to come to terms with her parents and the shittiness of life. “Just eat the pop tart, don’t sit there deciding whether to take the time to toast it or not. “– a quote I just made up.

Then there are times she just sits smoking and crying….

4. She has trust issues. 

A lady named, A.J was helping her meditate and find her calm space. This lady wouldn’t hurt a fly. She brings love, yoga and hummus with her where ever she goes. AJ accidentally mentions in a conversation that she thought Dina had said Lindsay was having wine the other night…. Lindsay freaked out. She said something like, “How dare you tell the truth about me to the entire world”….. blah blah… “I need a smoke now”….

5. Lindsay’s friends aren’t helping, even though she constantly thinks they are good influences. 

Who is this random guy that’s hanging out at her house?  We never meet him to my knowledge (or maybe I was snoozing at that point). He  just looked like a kid she found in Central Park who has that 1 hour of lucid conversation before he starts dancing like a drugged out raver in the corner.

6. Lindsay has only enablers around her

Matt, her assistant does whatever she wants. I get it. He’s paid for it. But, come on! She doesn’t need her nipples milked!!! Okay I’m kidding. She doesn’t need the toe jam sucked from her toes!! Some of it is so ridiculous!!! Matt runs around and does everything for Lindsay while she sleeps. Or moves furniture from coast to coast.

7. Lindsay has no direction

I don’t think Lindsay knows what type of career she wants. If it’s to be a serious actress she needs to be working 24/7 at getting back with those executives. If it’s to be a wannabe actress who plays a porn star then star in The Canyons and make $50.00.

8. Lindsay used her 9 lives. 

Lindsay has already used up all of her chances in the drunk parade. You can only fall down and get a DUI so many times before you’re just not acceptable anymore. Now she can’t even be seen with a drink in her hand without the world reacting. This is very similar to my situation with double chocolate brownies.

9. Clean up your stuff, clean your life

(Insert Hoarders Intro Music Here)…Lindsay needs a serious feng shui counselor to come in and clean out her life. She’s got way too much crap she’s accumulated. Several episodes have to deal with her endless amount of stuff coming from LA to NY in a new apartment,…and most of it she just didn’t need. This is a fabulous way to spend money. “Lifestyles of the RICH and FAMOUSLY RETARDED” — I can see this show on Bravo next summer.

10. Lindsay Chaotic Lohan

Lindsay has no real structure. I can’t tell what day is what…if it’s morning, night or next week. It’s all a blur when you watch the documentary. She lacks significant structure like 3 meals a day and normalcy.

Anyway, there you have it. In case you were wondering, ….the top 10 issues I picked up on during the documentary.

Sunlight Jr Film Review

Sunlight Jr is an Independent film out starring Naomi Watts, Matt Dillon and Norman Reedus. IMDB has the following summary up:  Financial strain, an unplanned pregnancy and an abusive ex threaten the stability of a poor couple’s (Naomi Watts, Matt Dillon) relationship.

Here are my thoughts on the Sunlight Jr Film:

I’ve always feared monotony in my life. I never want to be bored or too poor to afford variety. I don’t want to work a 14 hour shift in a small store staring at the same things every day, never able to get ahead.  But, that’s what a lot of people are dealing with every day.

And in the middle of the fear, anxiety and lack of funds, the truth is you can find real love and real relationships. In fact, that’s really all that matters. Sunlight Jr. is about finding the ray of sunshine in a pretty grim and cloudy world.

The film doesn’t present a ground breaking new premise, however, it does a great job at painting this little world that exemplifies so much of what life is truly about.

Naomi plays a cashier at Sunlight Jr., a small 7-11 type of store in a run down city. The manager’s a sexist pig, she’s barely making ends meet, and she lives in a seedy hotel with her disabled boyfriend, Matt Dillon.

Despite their relatively poor life Matt’s character tries his best to take care of her by picking flowers and always tells her nice things. Everything he does he’s doing it to “take care of her”, yet he knows deep down he’ll never be the perfect man who can take care of her in a conventional sense.  Things happen that are out of his control and despite his wanting to be perfectly happy, he turns to alcohol when the pressure mounts.

Meanwhile, Naomi’s ex-boyfriend is stalking her, played by Norman Reedus from The Walking Dead. He’s abusive, although more well off than Matt’s character, Richie. He wants to get back together with her and hates that she’s now with a disabled guy. It’s almost an embarrassment to him.

What’s great about this story structure is Reedus is good looking, but emotionally crippled. Matt Dillon is just as good looking, but physically crippled. Truth is, everyone has an issue…..these guys just have harshly visible ones.

I’ll be honest with you guys reading this, I was never much of a Matt Dillon fan, but there’s something about his performance in this movie that made me fall completely in love with him. I think it was the most real and authentic performance he’s ever given. The fact that he could pull that off being a disabled guy, reminds me a lot of Gary Sinise’s awesome performance in Forrest Gump. It’s definitely Oscar worthy. Here’s the trailer link:

The plot takes a turn when Naomi, Melissa Winters or “Missy”, gets pregnant by Richie. The reality slowly creeps in as they agree to marry, but are unable to really get ahead in life. In fact, she loses her job as a cashier. It wasn’t really her fault but unfortunate circumstances are always chasing them.

Those who grew up with parents who were alcoholics, like Richie and Missy, often times lack the ability to do anything but repeat a generational cycle. It’s a good day if they can avoid drinking all together and keep a roof over their head. Despite Naomi’s desire to go to college through a possible work fund in a few months, it’s almost as if she knows something will come in the way of it, eventually.

Naomi Watts reminds me of Maria Bello in The Cooler and Jennifer Aniston in The Good Girl. They are both able to dig into these raw characters who are living just above complete poverty and they find what’s good in those they are dating, even if society says differently.

I would say the film was really well written by Laurie Collyer. Excellent premise, well written dialogue, etc. However, I would have liked a bit more meat to the plot. I sincerely felt like something was missing that I desperately wanted to see with these characters. When it ended I thought, “If I were Naomi, I’d want to play this character again to find out more about her”….. maybe that just means they need to do a sequel. Her character was more restrained and I think I wanted her to really dig in more and lose her mind. She almost did, but not quite. I think I was waiting for it.

Thumbs up for a painful yet piercing experience of a life that really matters, and true love. Grade: B.


Flood Maps

National Geographic has this interesting beta site out

If all of the ice melted from the polar ice caps, the water levels would rise approx 216 feet.

What does that mean for your area? Check it out on the map by entering your zip code in and checking the map. You can see my area above–it definitely makes sense! Scary.

My Top Ten Favorite Films


1. Forrest Gump

2. Phenomenon

3. Deja Vu

4. Kingdom of Heaven

5. Fight Club

6. Sixth Sense

7. Back to the Future

8. Glory

9. Misery

10. Return of the Jedi

There's always room for another commentator!