The Unexplained Retrieval Process

The bio channel has been replaying a TV series originally filmed a few years back. I wish they would do an entirely new series in 2013 because it’s fascinating to watch. It’s sort of like watching Fringe or The X-Files, but these are real stories. These are things in life that a doctor can’t really cure, and a therapist might not be able to resolve…

One episode is about a woman who came down with some random disease and no one could find out what it was, or how to cure it. A shamanic healer was called in and he was able to finally get her back to full health. Two sisters never knew what happened to their father, and a psychic medium was able to piece things together for them, etc.

One show in particular really shocked me. A woman went to war in Iraq and had a near death experience. Afterward she feels that she was called to be a “retriever”. There are souls locked in this earthly plane that need to pass on. But, someone needs to go into this mist and retrieve them, meet them, introduce themselves, and allow the lost spirit to follow them out towards the light. They end up finding out all about this person and then they go back to research in public records to verify it. They get names, details and dates correct. The Monroe Institute runs a program dedicated to these retrievals. Here’s her book:

Anyway they have been doing marathons every weekend so check it out/DVR it.

Preview of The Unexplained



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