Top Ten Ways to Gain Attention for Your Script


Here’s some advice I’ve gathered from the past 8 years of working with agents and producers in Hollywood:


  • Wait outside your favorite Director’s house and throw it at his car window as he drives by.
  • Attend the Church of Scientology events and wear a dress made out of your latest script.
  • Sing about your script on you tube to the tune of “Call Me Maybe”.
  • Pay Brandi Glanville or Leann Rimes to tweet about it.
  • Post pages of it all over Hollywood on the back of band flyers.
  • Crazy glue scripts on all of the chairs at The Ivy, Sur and Spago.
  • Photo bomb a paparazzi photo of Jennifer Garner grabbing a Starbucks coffee.
  • Swim up to Leonardo DiCaprio’s yacht and toss a script over the side (covered in a water proof jacket). Be careful not to hit models in the face.
  • Save one of Richard Branson’s family members from the brink of death.
  • Run naked through Angelina and Brad’s backyard in France
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