Celeste & Jesse Forever On My Shelf


Thank god for Rashida Jones and Andy Sandberg. They put together this hilarious and REALISTIC romantic comedy. I think Andy is pretty sexy in that nerdy Jewish way.

I downloaded the entire soundtrack and I have been grooving to it ever since. Freddie Scott’s “You Got What I Needed” makes me feel like I’m having a baby in the middle of my wedding.


This is a story about my last relationship…. oops… I mean Celeste and Jesse. They had a relationship for multiple years that went sour but he still lives in the guest house and they still hang out every night like a real couple, even though they have no intention of getting back together. Poor Celeste has been ignoring her real feelings that still exist for him. Guess what though? Jesse has moved on.

I think Rashida has this ability to be just like everyone all rolled into one ball of a human. You can literally feel that they are best friends and that SUCKS when you have to finally part ways and change the dynamic of your relationship. We’ve all been through it, so have a good laugh and cry with this movie. You won’t be sorry. It’s GUY safe, too.


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