More Validation For Tsunami in California…


I was driving back from the mountains this weekend and my friend mentioned a psychic who’s got a big following on twitter and a blog. Apparently this psychic has been stating that CA will have a huge tsunami this year. If you remember my previous post here:

I mention how I’ve had massive tsunami dreams for about 2 years now.

Well, this psychic has literally posted the areas that will be affected by a huge wave/earthquakes. Remember how back in the day people used to say that half of CA was going to fall into the ocean? Well, that’s pretty much the prediction. Check out this post on her website where she outlines everything:


I don’t write these posts to freak people out, but to just pop it into your mind so that when you’re at the store, you’ll be some supplies. We always think it will never happen, but I’ve read and heard so many people talking about this in CA, that I am positive it’s going to happen.

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