Spirit Ships

I heard a term the other day that’s now burned into my brain, so I have to share it with you. I get so excited about new paranormal/metaphysical terms; I’m like a kid in a candy store. I feel like I know most everything out there, but SPIRIT SHIPS is something new to me.

There’s a popular psychic who’s known for predicting disasters that I’ve referenced in a previous post. She sees “spirit ships” on a map where a major disaster is going to happen. She doesn’t know when, but she knows it will be most likely in that year time frame. She says that their presence notates a major disaster. The ship is there to gather many souls at once and lead them to the other side.

Holy Pirates of the Caribbean  Are you telling me that’s really true? We’ve always heard of the folklore surrounding this, but I thought it was completely made up. Remember the scene in Clash of the Titans where the main character has to take the boat to the other side? Freaky. I don’t know if it’s true, but it just gives you this intense vision.

She of course, is the only one who can see this, but she’s uncannily accurate. She says there’s one off the coast of Seattle right now which scares me because that correlates to many earthquake predictions. She accurately called a major disaster off of Africa where a ghost ship was sitting for a while. I believe she says there’s one more in Europe right now.

She states that souls are leaving in droves right now to continue to clear the earth. For those who are religious it points to certain end times revelations. For those who know nothing about what I’m saying, maybe you should invest in a tent and matches lol. Just saying.

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