Pabst Blue Ribbon On Ice

My friend Jennifer told me I should really listen to Lana Del Rey’s entire album. I scoffed at it…I hated “Video Games” partially because it was overplayed and also because she was terrible at singing it live. I don’t think she’s overall a bad singer I just happened to witness the one really bad version. She seemed contrived and superficial. However, a few weeks later I saw her album and decided to download a few of the popular ones- except for Video Games (ugh).

I’m pleasantly surprised people. Her songs are really pretty damn good. When I’m looking for a depressed heroin addict type of atmosphere, she’s the one I go to! No really, this is what I need to be in for certain scripts.

Blue Jeans, This Is What Makes Us Girls, Summertime……Born to Die…Smoke em if You got em….. they are all really good songs. So, if you haven’t listened to her and you tend to enjoy Zero 7, Massive Attack, Tori Amos, Sia, Amy Winehouse, etc— You’ll like her. She’s not hard to look at either so I’m sure most of the guys have already been following her!



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