Silver Linings Playbook Review


I love movies that really focus on people that live in the mental cracks of society; quite possibly the most beautiful area to live in. We all know there are tons of people walking like mummies who have no spark left in their body, yet appear perfect on paper.

Those who ultimately feel so much they seem out of touch with reality, might be the most important people in the world and consequently, the most emotionally capable people. And certainly, a great match for another “crazy” person.

I’ve often thought about this in relationships. I think I want someone who’s perfect on paper, but in all honesty, it’s the ones who really think and feel more than usual that attract me. I love hearing emotions and what makes people tick. That raw capacity makes life worth living and certainly fuels creativity.

This isn’t a movie proving the existence of “crazy” or what makes people crazy which is totally refreshing. This is a movie about realizing you don’t have to squash all your crazy and you can still have a life worth living.

Another movie you should check out in this vein is “Safety Not Guaranteed “- loved it.

What I loved about Silver Lining’s was the effortless script in a pretty slow paced film. That’s not easy to do and it kept my attention. I also loved how they surrounded the film with this idea of a “dance” they have to perform together. This is like Dirty Dancing except with prozac and family arguments. Wait… hmmm… they both have that.

Anyway, Jennifer Lawrence is intoxicating in this film and Bradley Cooper’s scenes with Robert DeNiro are reasons to see the film. I really felt for the characters as they struggled to get closer together, yet not suffocate each other. It really represented a lot of family strife in a beautiful and simple way. In this type of film I’m not expecting a huge twist at the end because it’s about relationships and what life’s about as opposed to some horror film or epic action movie.

Silver Linings Playbook is a solid good film. I don’t think it’s the best film ever done, but it just happened to luck out this season of the Oscar’s (in my opinion).  Another film that was similar to this was up at the Oscars not too long ago starring George Clooney: The Descendants. 


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