Fredrick The Hedgehog

If you haven’t seen Fredrik Eukland on Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing, you’re missing out. This guy is like sonic the hedgehog selling up all the money parcels in NYC. He makes me feel really lazy. In fact, I decided to write this blog about him (breaking my 3 week lazy non- writing streak) just because he makes me feel really bad about myself!

Seriously though, here’s a guy that knows what he wants, perfected his craft, zones in, and seals the deal. Because he believes in himself, others come right along with him and the momentum is unstoppable. He rakes in  commissions of $50-200k per sale, and usually hits a few per week. His net worth is somewhere around 4 MM. I actually think it’s much higher than that number…

Completely disregard the fact that he is a complete jerk and steps on everyone. I mean, no one is perfect, right? ha!

But let’s focus back on his positive attributes. I want to be this good when it comes to my passion, but I realized I put in about 1/10th the energy into my goals in comparison to him. There’s something to be said about going out there and getting er done!

Over the years I’ve discovered that most of us have what it takes, it’s really just whether you really want it bad enough. Persistence wins!!



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