Biggest Summer Surprise- Burt Wonderstone!

I passed up this rental on Itunes for a week or so. I’d say to myself, “nahhh…that looks stupid”. It does. It looks like it’s going to be a really idiotic egotistical exchange of some great comedic actors who came up with this random idea on napkins while drunk one night. Well, that is how it was formed, I’m pretty certain, …….but those must have been some magic napkins because this movie was pretty damn good.

The world of magicians is a comedic playground that hasn’t been traversed fully yet, so this film totally takes it there. Steve Carrell plays this old time magician who believes in the old school talent. His partner is Steve Buscemi. Yup.

The plot thickens when Jim Carey (Cris Angel type character) shows up on the scene. Can the Steves’ keep up with Jim and headline a show even though the world of magic is shifting towards the wild and crazy? Yes, yes they can! And they will!



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