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Since the first episode, I’ve been glued to the Sister Wives series on TLC. I’m fascinated with their ideology (mostly because I’m a jealous monster!!), their family morals, and just generally how they operate in society. You may recall the popular show on HBO, Big Love, which documented many of the same issues that a family like this endures.

Overall, it’s very clear they have the best intentions for their family, even if you and I don’t agree with their religion and choices. It’s hard to stand outside their bubble and say that they are wrong for believing so strongly that their life path is polygamy. How can you expect them to suddenly change? Would you change your beliefs? When you are raised a certain way you can’t blame them to want to continue to provide a similar lifestyle to their offspring.

I personally don’t believe in it, but Kody Brown, the patriarch of this family, does have some good points. First, he shouldn’t be persecuted for his beliefs (I agree). Second, many people in the bible had many wives and they were not condemned. I wasn’t sure about this so I looked it up. The jist is there are may people who did have many wives, but there are equally as many phrases about how having more than one is harmful to the others, and to hearts of those involved. “And he shall not acquire many wives for himself, lest his heart turn away, nor shall he acquire for himself excessive silver and gold.”  There are literally 50 phrases like this… so I guess you can’t really use the bible as your basis here for polygamy. Thirdly, I do agree with Kody that there is a difference between the nasty child abuse LDS system under Warren Jeff versus their much milder and sweet hometown version.

Let’s not kid ourselves though, it really does feel like having 4 wives is a bit much and can cause a lot of stress. Yes, you have this huge extended family, but do the pros outweigh the cons? That’s something I can’t answer even after 4 seasons of the show.

In the newest season, Robin has developed the sister wives jewelry brand online and is having a hard time getting it up and running. They really need some new creative forms of income that they can do at home. As someone who has been involved in marketing for several years I can tell you exactly what’s wrong the minute I looked at her site. Hardly anyone else in the USA is a sister wife and if you add that connotation to this brand, everyone will think they are buying a ring of polygamy, not a ring designed in love from 4 women who are raising a loving family. You are already targeting a super small group.

What they should have done is brand it as a global love brand and add all sorts of products. Acceptance. Respect— that’s appealing. Everyone can understand it. I would buy a nice ring that has layers of meaning by those who made it. I’m up on certain gemstones and accents! Perhaps make a ton of family jewelry that you can give your kids at certain key birthdays or events.

The other problem is their pricing. They are way too high priced to start right out of the gate. I can tell these pieces don’t cost as much as they are claiming and I feel like I’m paying through the nose for a ring that has no meaning to me. Christine said it, “people want a story”. I can’t see paying $200.00 for a ring that looks like I could buy it at CVS! It needs to have higher quality or lower prices. Also, how in the world can sister wives afford this jewelry if that was your demographic?

I think Robin is on to something but they need to tweak it. Think about this family’s pluses for a moment. They know how to bargain and shop. They provide for 4 families and tons of kids on a small- ish budget. Can they sell things around the way they have managed their lives? Products that help them? Fans of the show would love it. Look at Miss Kay on Duck Dynasty and how they’ve made her cooking DVD’s and books! I don’t look at the Brown family and say, JEWELRY!! I see a family who knows how to love, respect and have fun together- and stick to a budget. I also see a labor force and huge long-term family business potential.

Emily Maynard from The Bachelorette started her own blog/website and it got so many hits that her site broke down in the first few hours. I even read every article in her blog and bought a few products she mentioned that she uses because I trust her expertise in skin care and beauty. She’s got better skin than a baby’s butt!! Her jewelry is tastefully done, very unique and colorful, and rightly priced.

If I was the Brown’s family manager I would suggest the following business ideas:

Real Estate- they can focus on finding large homes for large families with a particular budget. I think Janelle is onto something here. Plus, they can seriously score in the future for all of their kids!! Think about the long term effect! They could also learn how to flip houses and those kids can be the labor force! lol (I’m serious about that actually).

Charity- They could open a non profit corporation of some sort and all of the kids can be involved. I’m not a whiz at this, but there is a way for certain people to actually take a salary from this and they would be helping the community. I picture a soup kitchen type of deal.

Farm/Zoo- I envision some type of tourist area in Vegas where kids from all over can come and visit with the family, and also see some attraction. I was thinking a zoo or farm is a perfect scenario. Think of the Roloff Farms and The Little People— they did really well for themselves via this venture.



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