My Obsession With Katharine Isabelle

I recently watched American Mary, starring Katharine Isabelle and I had never heard of her before this film. If you are a fan of horror, see the film- it doesn’t disappoint.

The film boasts a decent script and Katharine KILLS it. She’s so damn good in this role you can’t take your eyes off of her. So much so, I have a feeling she’ll be an A player soon. She carries herself with so much confidence and it feels like she’s been at this for years; so effortless in front of the camera in a not-so-easy role that requires one to play on the edge of sadistic and smart, right and wrong.

Here’s the trailer: Trailer

I talked to a casting director working on my current project and asked her to keep Katharine in mind for a part in my film and she said, “I am obsessed with her”. I aint the only one then. I think every female wants to be her!

The film is about Mary who’s struggling to make ends meet while studying to be a surgeon. She’s at her wits end and applies for a seedy job at a local bar/strip bar. She ends up getting caught in a scenario where she’s the only one who can operate on a hurt “homie” I’ll call him.

This scenario sparks another person to find out about her ability to suture on the fly and asks her to do a body modification under the table for a large sum of money. Of course she can’t say no. Thus she becomes a a body modification specialist with a full menu and operates in a back room of the bar.

Along the way Mary is ravaged by a medical colleague in a cruel and sadistic way which only fuels her fire to continue down this dark path. Revenge is a dish better served cold and bloody.

Film reviews like the one I found on The Gaurdian: Gaurdian Review says that the creators of the film, Canadian fetish Soska sisters, are using this film as some type of altar to the fetish Gods; allowing you to peek into their sadistic world which is a turn off. I’m sure that is part of it, but who doesn’t want to check it out? It’s like a train wreck you can’t NOT watch it!  And let’s be honest, don’t watch it if you can’t stand a little blood.

Everyone is on fire for Katharine because she’s everything Lindsay Lohan wants to be, but better. She’s sultry, sexy, smart, confident, funny and looks incredible. She reminds me of a young Angelina Jolie.

Bloody Disgusting gave the film good reviews stating:

American Mary offers a daring new take on rape and revenge and body horror cinema that does not limit its scope to sex and murder. Writers and directors, Jen and Sylvia Soska examine the life of a girl who has worked toward something all her life, only to have her dreams shattered one after the other. Mary uses the wrongs that have be brought upon her to fuel her own twisted American dream. 

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