The Big Wedding Disaster

I checked out The Big Wedding On Demand this weekend. This film is about a young couple getting married (Seyfried).  Their parents and other family members convene on the location of the ceremony; the Groom’s adoptive father’s house (Deniro). Hilarity ensues when Keaton arrives (Deniro’s ex-wife) and she runs into Sarandon, Deniro’s new girlfriend. Oh, and Sarandon and Keaton used to be best friends. Did you follow me on this? It’s confusing, eh? Yeah, this isn’t even the half of it, it keeps going from there.

This film garnered quite the star cast, but I couldn’t help but realize that even a strong cast like this, can’t cover the fact the film was a blender full of every random relationship situation one can fit. It felt like it was a forced Hollywood blockbuster designed just to make money, not offer something ultimately creative and uplifting.

If ingenuity matters to you as a film viewer, then avoid this film. If you just love these types of cheesy over the top movies then this is definitely another one to pick up. You know when you saw It’s Complicated it was just such a rich, well written, funny and realistic script? I loved it. Well, The Big Wedding is like the redheaded step child of a divorced couple’s tale.

This script probably sold because it has one minor unique twist; the divorced parents need to pretend they are back together for the wedding event (long story). Who knows, it may have been a great script that got chopped up in the process. (The writer also did The Bucket List.) I think it was missing more time, more emotion and grit, a more realistic relationship between the main characters….. and a better ending. You knew what was going to happen in this film, and so there was no excitement.

Most importantly, I found the story to be completely implausible, and I don’t find myself saying that very often about films. There was no way that the characters would have acted the way they did in this movie, even though it’s a comedy.  Not only that, they seemed to hurry the ending so it was even more implausible because you can’t wrap something like this up that quickly! So you have a totally predictable story, implausible ending filled with every scenario you can toss in this salad, yet a huge salaried cast. All of this = a “machine” movie as I call them.

What I did really like about this film was Katherine Heigl,  her acting was very strong and I found myself looking forward to her scenes. I really didn’t even need the other stars in this film, it might have even worked better if they weren’t as recognizable. Here’s a review that sort of says it all from rotten tomatoes:

It’s not the sheer predictability of the ensuing frolics that’s hardest to take, or even the dismal attempts at humour … but the sheer misery of watching actors you once respected demean themselves in such utterly worthless fodder.



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