Top Ten Celebrities That Look Alike

I’ve noticed that the young crop of actors and actresses are looking a lot like their predecessors. I’ts uncanny actually.

Here are the top ten celebrities that look alike!

1. Amanda Seyfried & Heather Graham.

It’s not just because of Lovelace and Boogie Nights; I think they look a lot alike and even have similar personalities!

2. Leighton Meester and Winona Ryder

3. Zack Efron & Brad Pitt/Don Johnson

4. Anne Hathaway and Judy Garland

These two are definitely celebrities that look alike!

(photo by buzzsugar)

5. James Franco & James Dean

6. Alice Eve & Reese Witherspoon

7. Abigail Breslin & Drew Barrymore

8. Dakota Fanning & Rebecca DeMornay

9. Chris Pine & Ben Affleck

10. Seth Rogan & Will Ferrell

Other Considerations:

Britt Robertson & Elizabeth Shue

The obvious… Julia Roberts and her niece Emma


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