Frances Ha, Lena Dunham’s Sister


I’m pretty sure Greta Gerwig, who plays Frances in this Noah Baumbach indy film, is cringing at all of these online Lena comparisons. Or, she loves it. From what I’m reading in other interviews, she knew this was an inevitable comparison, however her film does deserve to stand on it’s own, albeit on the same shelf of Generation Y films  & T.V shows.

The whole genre of the single woman in a big city was the main Sex in the City premise, but showing the less glamorous and quirky/nerdy side of things is now all the rage. I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of these stories because it’s full of the best times of our lives.

In case you’re wondering where you’ve seen Greta before, she was the blonde in Arthur with Russell Brand. “Most mainstream audiences are likely unfamiliar with Gerwig. Other than supporting roles in “No Strings Attached” and “Arthur,” as well as Woody Allen’s “To Rome With Love,” she hasn’t had much exposure outside of the indie film world. Whether that changes with “Frances Ha” remains to be seen. Either way, the 29-year-old actress is someone to keep an eye on.”- (moviefone site review) 

Greta’s character reminds me of me in my 20′s; not so sure about myself, meandering on the line of questionable co-dependent relationships and realizing that everyone around me is moving on with their picturesque life. Plus, I didn’t always do much with my hair, but it had so much potential!

Greta is also pretty much a slightly older and thinner version of Lena Dunham in Girls on HBO. There is the usual quirky self depreciating personality as it relates to the hipsters, the artists, the professionals who all seem to know how “life” works…then there’s those like Lena and Greta, and myself. There’s a general post collegiate malaise that we all feel, some longer than others. Exploring a creative craft comes with it’s own set of challenges as well.

The film follows a year or two of Greta’s life as a dancer in NY, making enough money to survive, hoping for more, but realizing it’s not happening unless you step outside of yourself.  You can’t expect anything new if you always do the same thing now, right?

Aside from that it’s about growing up because we can’t always smoke cigarettes, listen to music and pet each other’s heads for the rest of our lives. We have to work, marry nice men and fight about financial affairs. Although, the sweet spot of life is your 20′s when you can really stretch those naps out and enjoy life.

What’s nostalgic about this film is that even though Greta and her best friend part ways due to life circumstances, neither one loses the ability to run back to the other in times of need. It’s a lot like the relationship between Marnie and Hannah on Girls. I have learned how it feels to walk away from relationships that were once so dependent. Now you are no longer their confidante. There are life changes you won’t hear about first anymore. These 20′s friendships were your parental replacements and it’s a tough change to experience when these start to fade and change into a different color of background.

Greta has this uncanny ability to never comb her hair and wear the same flannel every day yet she’s oddly sexy. I did however, want to brush her hair a few times.

I found the film entertaining, cute, sensitive, and strange. Everything I expected it to be based up on the trailer. If you are a fan of this genre, definitely pick it up online one of these weekends. I thought the ending was spectacular by the way, very creative and ties everything in perfectly.  I love when films do that, and actually SURPRISE me with it.

By the way, look at how hot this couple is! Here she is all cleaned up with her boyfriend, Noah, who directed the film.


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