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E-Squared Opens Your Eyes

I heard about this book E-Squared last week and I read it over the weekend. A friend of mine heard me talking about a pending project that has taken a while to complete. I said, “when and if things happen”… and she stopped me and said “NO, that’s not how you need to talk about it, trust me”.  She told me to read this book and it would change my life for the better.

Remember the experiment where Masaru Emoto tested emotions & water? He would pray and say nice things to one bucket of water, while saying hateful things to another bucket of water. Upon freezing, the nice bucket was full of nice snowflakes and crystals while the other was full of black crystals. Your thoughts and actions do go out into this world and affect others more than you know and see with your own two eyes. Anyway, there are countless experiments that were done to prove this same point.


Primarily the book focuses on energy and how to harness it, much like The Secret, but it’s much more focused on outcomes and testing which fascinates me. Her book is charming, witty and a very easy read; it makes you think about your life and how you interact with others.

I noticed that anyone very religious gets a little weird when I talk about energy, as if I’m placing my spirituality and love of God to the side because I also want to hear about energy. I absolutely love how Pam Grout answers that question in her book as a Christian woman herself.

Jesus has the ultimate finger on the pulse and he showed the ultimate power and perfection with regards to creating anything he wanted in this world. We call them miracles.  She paints the picture that he also knew how to manipulate energy as well, better than anyone else can. It’s all connected, we’re all connected; these are not separate things we’re talking about here. In my head, God created all of these connections.

Now, she’s not saying she’s trying to be God either. It’s simply being aware of your emotions, thoughts and striving for those things you really want. Be mindful. Be aware that it matters. Get yourself out of your ruts of depressive thinking, because sadly, we’ve been wired to look at the negative too much in our society.

Pray to God and realize you have more impact on your situation than you realize.

She has 9 experiments that she wants you to try, most are 48 hours long. They are designed to basically test the universe to provide for you. The universe is God, the almighty. It listens to you. It can provide all that you need. All it takes is for you to actually believe. It’s a living physical thing and each molecule around us carries information to another.

I think if you combine your learnings here with your prayer routine you can really make sure you’re focused upon the right things, at the right time, and for the right reasons.